Do You Know You Can Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher With These Easy Steps?

Do You Know You Can Immigrate To Canada As A Teacher With These Easy Steps?

Currently, there is an exceptionally high interest in teachers in Canada. So much so that the Express Entry program has included teaching as an extremely important profession in its list of national occupational classifications.

In addition, numerous territories such as Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and others offer unique immigration opportunities for educators at the high school and college levels. If you are an educator or teacher looking to move to Canada, now may be your best opportunity.

You can apply to become a teacher under the Express Entry program. Just keep in mind that processing times can vary from country to country and can range from four to eight months, depending on your case.

Provincial and regional governments administer their own education systems and are responsible for setting the guidelines for teaching in Canada. Standards are comparable across the country, although with some local differences.

Selection/sorting factors for FSW and licensure for teachers.

  • Must have a high level of educational attainment, specifically a higher than secondary school diploma.
  • Work experience means at least one year of employment that falls into one of the following job categories:
  • Administrative,
    expert, or
  • specialized/talented
  • Proficiency in French and English (both spoken in Canada)
  • Current age
  • General versatility (generally tested by an assessment test)
  • Current work/employment situation (or an offer).

A bachelor’s degree in education and provincial endorsement are required for teaching positions in Canada. Obtaining the endorsement can be a lengthy process, so it is ideal to start before you enter Canada if possible.

Several variables are considered when assessing qualifications for apprenticeships in Canada. For example, the applicant may require:

  • Recent teaching experience.
  • He/she must be familiar with the ways of life of the people and the educational modules of the Canadian education system
  • Suitability and willingness to teach or teach, including character reference and criminal record check.

A teacher, as designated by the Canadian government, falls under these basic classifications:

  • Auxiliary Teacher;
  • ELS teacher;
  • Science (biology) teacher; and
  • Librarian
  • Teaching Assistant;
  • Therapeutic Aide;
  • Educational Resource Assistant; and
  • Teacher Aide

Check out these basic steps to find out how you can immigrate to Canada as a teacher.

  • Search the CIC website for your NOC code and occupational level;
  • Choose the area or province you want to move to;
  • Check with your local school board for general requirements for:
  • Required degree in education;
  • Documents/declarations for teaching at the provincial level;
  • Accreditation to teach a second language such as English or French;
  • Joining a regional or provincial teachers’ association; and Employment reference
  • Apply for an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) if it is essential;
  • Look for a job in Canada before you move

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