Here is How to Immigrate and work in Canada this year

Many immigrants come to Canada for one main reason: to find a job and settle in the country. The good news is that Canada is looking for and attracting skilled immigrants to the country.
Immigrants who are suitable and have the right skills to fill the gaps created by an aging population. With the rapid creation of jobs and businesses in the country, the need for suitable and skilled immigrants to fill these vacancies continues to increase.

How to work in Canada.

To work in Canada, you must apply for a work permit, which allows all immigrants to work in Canada for a short period of time. How to apply for a Canadian work permit.
To apply for a Canadian work permit, you must first obtain a valid job offer either outside or inside Canada. To prove that you have a legitimate offer of work, the employer must provide you with a letter of confirmation.
This letter will be submitted with your work permit application. Some work permits do not necessarily require a firm job offer, but may also require an assessment of labor market compatibility by the employer.
There are different work permits that you can apply for: those that require a work permit, those that require an LMIA, and work permits that do not require a job offer or an LMIA.
When immigrants come to Canada for work purposes, they are granted a temporary work visa. This means that their stay is only for a certain period of time, but they can change their status to permanent residence.

To do so, immigrants must go through one of the three procedures listed below:

The first option is to apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. If you are a temporary worker, you can only apply for permanent residency under this program if your job is permanent.

This scenario is referred to as “arranged employment.” In the meantime, the applicant must also meet the necessary criteria to qualify for permanent residency under this program.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Under this type of program, temporary workers become permanent residents through nomination. When an immigrant is nominated, he or she is eligible for permanent residency.

Each province has its own provincial nomination program. Immigrants wishing to come to Canada must prove that they intend to reside in the province from which they are applying.

Canada Experience Class

This is another opportunity for temporary workers to change their status to permanent resident. Candidates who wish to apply for permanent residency through the CEC must have at least two years of Canadian work experience.

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